This game, i hope it will soon be a good Clone of the game AtomicBomberMan or even something new, depends on what you all want to have. The Network will support from the beginning only TCP/IP (UDP Port 11000 for the Game and UDP Port 11111 for the OpenGameCache Server). So everyone can play it over the internet.

You can find me and some other people who are playing and helping working on that game on the IRC-Server: irc.d-t-net.de Channel: #bomberclone. If you have any questions ask me in the channel, drop me an email steffen@bomberclone.de or send your question to the mailinglist.



  • Version 0.11.9: after more than two years another bugfixed version. I hope this one runs still stable, but since i only fixed stuff there shouldn't show up any new problems.
  • - 11.12.2010
  • Version 0.11.8: Some more bugfixes in the gameplay and on the network code.
  • - 15.12.2007
  • Version 0.11.7: Major Network Security bugfixes. And some other stability fixes. Added "more random" map type.
  • - 15.8.2006
  • OGC Server Address has changed to: ogc.yz.to.
  • - 29.3.2006
  • Version 0.11.6: Alot bugfixes in the game and some changes in the network code. Added finally the broadcast support for local network games.
  • - 31.3.2004
  • Version 0.11.5: Major Bugfixes in the network code. Please update to version 0.11.5.
  • - 26.12.2004
  • Version 0.11.4: Team Work and Network problems should be solved with this version. Also the Firewall flag has gone, so it shouldn't make anymore that much trouble to get games working. As long as the windows version is not up on SourceForge yet you can use this address (http://bomberclone.sourceforge.net/devel/0.11.4-win32.tgz) to download the windows binarys.
  • - 12.12.2004
  • Version 0.11.3: Alots of changes including userdefined keyboardsetings and two player support on one computer. Password protection of network games and alot more changed.
  • - 16.06.2004