About BomberClone

  • Network Support (max 12 Players, UDP Port 11000)
  • IPv6 Support for Linux
  • Diffrent Screen Resolutions and Fullscreen
  • Little Control about the Network Traffic
  • Master GameServer and local broadcast Support
  • PowerUps to get within the game.
  • You can join into running games.
  • Chatting to the other player
  • You can get more than only one Illness at the time.
  • Single Player Mode with AI Players
  • Sound Support
  • Little and Big Endian support


    $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.133 2010-12-11 21:27:55 steffen Exp $
    Version 0.11.9
    - changed: opengamecache had to move to my own server. New address: ogc.gulpe.de:11111
    - fixed: on certain networks, recvfrom hasen't returned. Even select
             returns with data aviable recvfrom got stuck because of no data.
             Added MSG_DONTWAIT here as flag. (only on linux)
    - fixed: counter pkg_lastid became > 32767 almost messages are lost 
             in cache managment 
             patch from: Michel Bernay
    - fixed: bug with selecting a player gfx.
    - got a big patch file from Michel Bernay which fixes:
      fixed: bug about compute points of the winner in multiplayer mode
      fixed: bug for server for coputing point (Suppress all process in
             reception of playerdata)
      fixed: bug in cache managment (lot of messages lost by function 
      added: function to find who player is owner of explosion to compute
             the killer
      added: function in debug for display player statistics
      changed: display points on general menu
      changed: scorring now a unique players wins a round add 1 point 
               (bonus for victory) and numer of player killed by thge
    - Added Warning if a game get startet with only one player selected
      Patch send in by: Carles Pina i Estany
    - Added Joystick support - Patch send in by: Patrick Kirsch
      Chenges i made to the patch: I open only once the joystick device.
      Since after the patch the joystick got opened a few times without
      closing it again. The setupmenu will display now the number of the
      button which is selected for the function.
    - Fixed BUG found by Lars Poeschel
      One player could join without problems and if a second player joined
      this network game, the server crashed in do_contest() accessing
      illegal memory. The problem is that a contest packet is received with
      to -1 and from 1. Then in the line
    	players[ct_pkg->to].net.flags &= (0xFF - NETF_firewall);
      obviously illegal memory is accessed.
      Fixed the check of the to parameter from the contest packet. The 
      server ignores now a to value of -1.
    Version 0.11.8
    - Changed Docdir to $prefix/share/doc (Felipe Rafailov)
    - Added some more resolutions. (requested by some users)
    - Fixed BUG shown in: http://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=242031
      (patch from: Petr Gajdos)
      In network game i wanted to use all the time a different bomb 
      instead of the first free aviable. In the code i forgot to modify
      some values. This patch should fix it now.
      (player.c:player_findfreebomb) changed i to nr.
    - Fixed some drawing issues with flying bombs.
    - The last special item use was lost on clients in a network game.
      special.use (was reset during special_clean)
      special.clean variable added to save the cleaning state.
          tested and works.
    - Fixed: kicked bombs can travel in time. (map.bfield was set too early)
      rewrote full bomb kicked system.
    - Fixed: compile warning: packets.c(635): error #592: variable "s_mod" is
      used before its value is set (reported by: David Binderman)
    - Fixed: Special settings will be saved into the config file.
    - Changed: all data will have thier own Makefile. So "make install" and
      "make dist" won't copy the CVS dirs.
    - Fixed: Second Player Problem
      this fix includes that if a second player was used the game got somehow
      very instable, because there have been no reset of all the game data.
      playerselection works now much better. There have been problems with 
      some keys for the second player.
    - Fixed: problem on slow networks with the loop that the selected player
      gfx gots selected and deselected. (infinite loop on the network)
    - Fixed: problem with overwriting the servers address on clients.
      problem only seen on server who gets connected from two differen ip
    Version 0.11.7
    - Added: BomberClone Icon to the bomberclone win32 binary.
    - Added: resolution 1280x800
    - Testing: Security Problems found by Luigi Auriemma
      Bugs: A] memcpy crash in rscache_add
            B] information disclosure in send_pkg
            C] simple error message termination
      for more informations look here:
      Solutions to 
      A) rewrote the whole resend cache system, also send_mapinfo needed a
         bad workaround for a bug i couldn't find out. (to disable the workaround
         use ./configure CFLAGS=-DBUG_MAPINFO)
      B) made sure that the size of a packet is set right before send over
         the network. Found only the function (do_gameinfo) where something 
         like this occured.
    	 do_pkg will also check the size of the incoming packet with the 
    	 p->h.len value.
      C) accept the error packets only from the server of a game. Since only the
         server will send such type of packets.
    - Fixed: Security Problem found by Stefan Cornelius.
      For more information look here:
    - Added: "more random" by Patrik Nilsson:
      This map type is just a hacked version of "autogenerated",
      and is as the name tells more random. Since both block, 
      rock and nothing are placed randomly inside the border.
    - Fixed: High CPU usage in menus.
      This fix was made by Chris E..
    - Fixed: Bug with more as 8 diffrent player graphics.
      The window size hasen't changed if there where more as
      8 different player graphics to choose from.
    - Removed the Dedicated Server Support from the game.
      The whole bomberclone game is not desinged for a dedicated
      server. The test shown that the whole game would have to
      be rewritten. Also that the host can leave the game would
      not work no more.
    - Client network player could die two times in a game.
      After receiving the playerdata packet from a client did the
      server first the player_set_gfx routine first. Which send a
      playerid packet with a alife player back.
      Changed: player_set_gfx routine will be called after setting 
      the state of a player.
      Also do_playerid will check if the game is not running 
      or the player is still alife to set this value.
    - Dedicated server support (only testing).
    - Fixed do_quit and send_quit.
    - Fixed number of players in running games was always 
      set to 0.
    - Display the number of players for each listed network game.
    - Ghost Player added.
    - Playername will not overlapped by the player gfx anymore.
    - Added menuswitch to enable/disable broadcast requests.
    Version 0.11.6
    - Fixed: pkg_resendcache, no right calaculation for the size of
      the saved packet.
    - Changed: Version number and the ping time to each game 
      (ver 0.11.6 or later) of network games will show up.
    - Added: Parameter -gamename to set the games name from the
      command line.
    - Added: Network Join will find Local games without OGC.
      Broadcasted UDP Packets will be send to find games.
    - Fixed: Network Player died in a game. All network
      players will controll thier own dead. (needed on slow networks)
    - Added: 1600x1280 Resolution
    - Fixed: Makefile.am in datadir. Pixmap for the icon 
      was not installed.
    - Fixed: moving and liquid bombs where not working right.
      we checked the wrong map.bfield value.
    Version 0.11.5
    - Fixed: Multiplayer more as three players could not play.
      There was a bug in the automatic firewall detection.
    - Added: Show a simple information of what keys are used in
      the multiplayer screen.
    - Chagned: In Singleplayer you can select now 0 AI Players.
    - Fixed: Teamdata (as Names and Colors) will be send over the network.
    - Fixed: udp_send: bad file error fixed, in single mode we was
      still sending the quit information to all clients.
    - Fixed: Alot other strange network bugs. I.e. the rejoin part
      and that the server can leave part was not right.
    Version 0.11.4
    - Fixed: Teamdata wasn't send right, net_send_playerid changed,
      send_playerdata and do_playerdata fixed.
    - Fixed: Problems with the second local player join and 
      leaving. Also the second local player won't get 
      informations which the first local player already had.
    - Bombs will not explode right on slow computers.. it 
      seems they jump one field to far. 
      fixed: rewrote part of the do_explosion stuff and 
      part of the explosion_restore function. Explosion 
      was growing on slow PC more as one field per cycle.
    - AI: Player die on a slow computer because they move more 
      as 1 Field. This might be also the problem Acidjnk told
      me about.
      Variable dir_change added so we won't have
      anymore so many suicides.
      little more work on the AI, there are still some kind of 
      problems. Maybe i'll rewrite the whole AI again.
    - fixed: Server starts the game soo fast that the
      client's ignore the gamestat for a running game.
      Check if all players are ready.
    - Makefile.am in include and data changed so make dist will
      work fine as well as make install won't install anymore
      all the useless *.h files.
    - the firewall flag will be enabled and disabled automaticly.
      Datapacket PKG_contest created to make it possible to work.
    - only players who are in the game will be able to send 
      gamedata related packets to the game. (do_pkg() changed)
    - fixed: AI won't have anymore so many suicide deaths.
    - New Team menu Handling.
    - changed: Playermenu (F2 in the Playerselection screen).
      You will see some details about the other players and
      you can go to the teammenu from here.
    - fixed: udp_send:: Invalid argument Error Message
      net_game_send_delplayer had a problem with the second 
      local player.
    - changed: Chat Mode will always keep active if there is
      only one player on one computer. If there are two player
      we have to press F5 to activate the chatwindow.
    - fixed: Quit Game wasn't working from the in game menu
    - fixed: Network Version Error. There is no 
      possible Escape.
    - fixed: Single Player Menu there was no ESC key working
    - fixed: Player Selection Screen (single player)
      ESC key wasn't working and also closing the program
      haven't worked.
    Version 0.11.3
    - ingame menus, like the "Quit Game" question, 
      and a End Round menu.
    - menuhandling changed some internal things, 
      so it is possible to create more menus at the time.
      it is possible to write own menuloops. 
      (this is used in the new playerselection screen and
       playermenu screen.)
    - new playerselectionscreen, needed because of the second
      local player.
    - password protection for own games so they can be 
      listed, on the OGC but only people with the password
      will be able to join.
    - userdefined keyboad settings. read the file
      src/keyb.c for the current keyboard settings.
    - Added: the server can now kick players from the game
    - Added: programm parameters for automatic joining/hosting
      a game, using ogc, port configuation and debug mode.
      for more informations use the parameter "-help".
    - Fixed: respawning of the player will continue and 
      finish when we go into Hurry Mode.
    - Fixed: bombs will start ticking when another special 
      is taken or the player died.
    - Fixed: statusbar will forced to update if a player 
      finished respawning.
    - Fixed: number of items which have been dropped. If not 
      all items could been set a debug message will be printed 
      into the console or stdout.txt.
    - Fixed: items can not anymore droped on bombs.
    - Fixes the issue of it making incorrect assumptions
      about the initial range of bombs and placing players in
      unsafe positions. by dcdillion
    Version 0.11.2
    - Fixed: forgot to put the Message F4 to start the game 
      into the playerselection screen. I put this only into the
      Gamescreen right before the game starts. Added even the
      F4 Button into the Help Screen.
    - Fixed: DropItems haven't been resetted on dropping items.
    - Fixed: Firewall Flag wasn't set right on all clients for the 
      players. The same with the pkg_fwd routine i not only needed
      packets to the other clients. I send even some Serveronly 
    - Fixed: Redraw Menuitems only if changes were made.
    - Fixed: Logo is now shown after change of resolution.
    - Fixed: Bombtickingtime could not be read from the config 
    - Fixed: If you select "Host a Netgame" nothing happened if 
      firewall was enabled. Now a error message is displayed.
    - Fixed: Chat input in multiplayer wait menu is now smoother.
    - Changed: Download-Screen shows now a progress bar.
      Additionally, every player can now see the download 
      progress of all other players.
    - Fixed: Single Lost Fire on the field will be put now in
      the animation list now which will check an decrease the
      ex[*].count value as long as no specialy explosion was
    - Fixed/Added: display messages enabled again (after disabling
      for changing the menu style with version 0.11.0)
    - Changed: new player position placement, that works much
      better as the old version (coded by dcdillon)
    - Changed: if no human players are left the game will end
    - Added: Manual Section into the Game. And the MENU_image
      element to show some graphic in the menus.
    - Changed: Games with only AI Players left will end. As a 
      draw game. So it won't get borring to keep watching the
      ai players.
    Version 0.11.1
    - Added: Deathmatch mode.
    - Added: Kick Bombs special
    - Fixed: Network initialization at quit removed
    - Fixed: packets.c: do/send_playermove tunnelto wasn't
      converted into network arch.
    - Fixed: packets.h: pkg_playermove speed changed to Sint16
    - Fixed: gfxpixelimage.c colors on bigendian Systems Red 
      and Blue mask was switched
    - Fixed: network.h: NET_CANSEND fixed, didn't checked right 
      for the server
    - Fixed: crash if no tileset was selected in the selection
      menu. (error was in menu.c:menu_dir_select)
    - Fixed: (Network) three more stones will be restored if a new 
      bombdata packet reaches the player.
    - Changed all Images to PNG. From now on there is alpha blending
      supported too.
    - Added: Game Setting start_bombs, start_range, start_bombs and
    - Added: Drop Items On Death element. You can collect now 
      your opponents items if he died.
    - Fixed: Missing "Press F4 to Start" Screen Text in Multiplayer 
    - Fixed: Networking over IPv6 had a little network init problem
    - Fixed: Crash on Hosting games with OGC enabled and no internet
    - Fixed: player_move had a problem with the speed of the player
      on slow systems.
    - Fixed: Major networking and packet handling problem. inpkg_check
      fixed, strange crash fixed was reading from players[addr->pl_nr].*
      where addr->pl_nr was set to -1. Function inpkg_delplayer added
      so all inconig indexdata for double packets can be deleted. This
      made a big problem when someone disconnected and tryed to rejoin
    Version 0.11.0
    - Added Programm options to the game. For more information
      run BomberClone with -help.
    - Compiler Flag added for disabling debuging. Compiler
      Flags -ggdb and -O0 won'T be set no more.
         ./configure --disable-debug
    - Added smal help screen in the multiplayer selection
    - Fixed: If the player is move on a field where is 
      currently an explosion then will the player die.
    - wrote new OpenGameCache Server for this game and 
      other games. This server is working almost the same
      way as BCMServ did. Except that there is no 
      Broadcasted chat for now (but i will enable this 
      soon again).
      OGC Link:
    - Menuhandling complete rewritten and changed. 
      GUI created for menus: lists, buttons, check boxes
      labels and other things created.
      -new menugraphics made by DJ Mirage.
      -mapmenu written by Patty
      -the bad response form the game to users action
       should be fixed.
    - FullScreen switching from within the game
      by pressing (F8 Works for some Reason only
      in Linux)
    - Changed part of the Networkhandling to detect who
      is the Game Server.
    - AI Players can join network games.
    - Changed all positions and framenumbers to float. 
      Together with this i can drop the hard 20ms 
      gameloop limitation. So the game will be able to
      run on slower systems and compare the loss of 
    - some more music tracks added to the game.
      DJ Mirage made a page where people could 
      upload some songs.
    - BomberClone music file "cinderella_clown.mod"
      thanks to Psycho (http://www.moods.2xs.de/)
    Version 0.10.1
    - accepted Solaris, .cvsignore and bzero patch
      Patch from pak21 (https://sourceforge.net/users/pak21/)
    - BomberCloneMServ will have even a playerlist of 
      a game, so you will know who have joined a game.
    - added big endian support, so non intel-style 
      computers will be able to play over the network
      now too.
    - added liquid and moving bombs special.
    - timer options, for how long the game will go.
    - added tunnels to the game so player can go through.
      PKG_playermove changed and PGK_tunneldata added
    - the first music file added to the game made by
      the music files will be played out of the music 
      directory randomly
    - chat windows size will be bigger in multiplayer 
      games and in single games the space for the chat 
      window is used for the gamefield size.
    Version 0.10.0
    - Added: two ways the game can end now. the old Bomberman
      style with getting the size of the gamefield down and
      another one with putting in the game alot of powerups.
      the game even has a timeout of 10 minutes + the 
      2 minutes of the end game sequence.
    - Makefile.am fixed in the data direktory. Added 
      ${prefix}/ and changed @PREFIX_PACKAGE_DATA_DIR@ to 
      @NO_PREFIX_PACKAGE_DATA_DIR@ . So debian packages
      can be generated easyly soon.
    - GFX: scaling routine speeded up a little bit. Using inline 
      functions and much less "switch case".
    - TekKRat made two new players, the first two
      tilesets with the pseudo 3D effect
      (64x96 pixel tileset) and another tileset.
      (cemetery, sheep, hell and farm)
    - caccola made another Tileset (supermario)
    - Added: Switch to enable/disable broadcasted chats.
      So the confusing will stop why there are unknown people
      talking. You can enable it in the Network Options.
    - Fixed: chat_findfreeline, there was a bug in the 
      source and destination of copying the chatlines. 
      Thats why the chat got mixed up after 255 lines.
    - Added: maps have more options to set and it will be
      displayed in the multiplayer menu, this options can be
      saved for every map seperated.
    - GFX: source cleanup. Player will now drawn in order they
      stay tileset will change we can support 64x64pixel size 
      and 64x92pixel size tilesets no sdl_blit* calls from 
      game_loop for the game gfx.. working on a new engine with 
      sorting the tiles and update rects.
      The new size tilesets filenames are block96.bmp for the 
      block.bmp file stone96.bmp for the stone.bmp file. If in 
      one directory are two files one stone.bmp and ston96.bmp
      the game will always take the stone.bmp file.
    Version 0.9.9
    2003-07-13: fix2
    - special trigger over, all trigger bombs have to be 
      set to normal bombs with max timeout 5 sec
    - pushing bombs and wrong directin illness
    - fixed: remove network flag from disconected players
      so we won't send data to players in the game which
      have already disconnected
    - fixed: player_findfreebomb
        - trigger bomb + bomblaying illness have
          let explode always a bomb at your place.
        - sometimes you can drop more bombs as 
          allowed if you have to row-special
    2003-06-21: fix1
    - fixed: bombs can only dropped on an empty field. Bug 
      came with version 0.9.9
    - the last bomb who explode from a player won't anymore be
      used right away. We only use it if there is no other bomb
    - bfield fixed on incoming bombdata packets
    - network packet timeout set down to 400ms
    - screen clipping of gfx_AddUpdateRect
    - draw_field, draw_player and restore player function fixed,
      problems with position on the field is greater as the 
      fieldsize. (SDL BadValue)
    - PowerUps will be painted diffrent now. Depend
      on what it is.
    - Chat Input Box won't be deleted if a game is over or 
      is going to start
    - New Font Drawing enginge, so we can draw in with 
      diffrent fonts and colors.
    - Network Option added for people who are playing 
      behind a firewall. Portforwarding should not anymore 
      needed. Except you want to open a game.
    - Added Sound Support (thanks to Henrik Enqvist for 
      the help and the sound files.)
    - Added new special powerups (Patty)
    - Fixed make install, so the source will be able to 
      install correctly now with the data packages
    - AI Players are working now
    Version 0.9.8
    - Added: a new powerup and two new illnesses. (Patty)
    - Fixed: the gfx engine will not anymore take too much
      CPU usage (Patty)
    - Changed: the Background Fields can now have a bigger
      texture, size 1x1 (64x64), 2x2(128x128), 3x3... 
    - Changed: You can now change the map settings even in the
      Player selection menu. (kitutou)
    - Added: tileset support with random tileset selection
      thanks to (thaphool) for the jungle tileset
    - Added: loadable maps. (ob1kenewb)
      with random map selection (kitutou)
    - Changed: now the send packet option will be set for every 
      player directly, so if a slow player joins, it should not
      anymore slow down the whole network game.
    - Fixed: disconnected player are not anymore shown in the 
      Player Selection screen.
    - Fixed/Add: first support for international keyboards, so the 
      shift key will work. thanks to (ob1kenewb) !
    - Fixed: SuSe could not compile the game right. 
      #include  was needed. not only 
    - Fixed: Problem if the Server Quit.. the game haven't stopped
      The whole network situation within the game got mixed up
    Version 0.9.7
    - Fixed: Problem when the server leaves the game. Got the
      MasterServer a message that all the clients have opened a game.
    - Added: You can now choose between 16, 24 and 32 bits per pixel.
    - Fixed: PI_bomb illness.
    - Changed the way of how the speed gets increased.
    Version 0.9.6
    - better handling with the masterserver menu. If you want to join
      a game you don't need anymore to refresh the list. 
      Because the game will get some updates from the MasterServer.
    - You can finaly get more as only one illness. And you can get the
      Ill now from another player.
    - Some work in the menu.
    - In the game you will see now the little Player Graphic left from
      the name. It will help you to see who is who in the game.
    - Fixed Problem with PI_keys Illness. (that the one with the mixed 
      up keys)
    Version 0.9.5
    - Add: Chatting you are able to chat now.. it's connecting all 
      running games together into the chat. You will see Chats who
      are not from your server beginning with BC: or IRC: depends
      who this message come from.
    - Better Graphics
    - Better Network, the option for how many packets will be send
      is chaning within the game. Depends on how much packets timed
    4) 2003-04-06
    - You can no join into running games.
    - Fixed some network bugs. Which had to do with joining and
      leaving running games
    0-3) 2003-03-29
    - internal change for the positions on the field to 16bit.
      player moves smother now.
    - diffrent screen resolutions
    - random player start positions
    - the size of the field can be changed
    - playergraphic is better now.
    - menus are diffrent now.
    - configuration is saved in a special file.
      on linux $HOME/.bomberclone.cfg
      on windows bomberclone.cfg
    Version 0.8
    0-2) 2003-03-15
    - Added two more Powerups (diffrent speeds, and ilness)
    - Fixed some problems with the bombes which didn't wanted 
      to explode.
    - Debug-Messages can now be switched off.
      this improve the speed in the game on slow computers.
    Version 0.7
    1) 2003-03-06
    - Master GameServer Support, So everyone will see
      running games. You don't need to deal anymore with the
    - GFX: New Playerfile now we have three diffrent Players
    Version 0.6
    12) 2003-02-27
    - Fixed: The ServerMode Packet will be send with the PKGF_ackreq Flag.
      Because sometimes the clients haven't got the packet. And couldn't play
      in the game.
    - Fixed: Single Player Problem after trying to open a Multiplayer server
      is the Single Player mode not working right.. the Player could not die.
    - Fixed: Multiplayer, the game was counting the poinbts wrong and there 
      was always a winner marked even if everybody died.
    11) 2003-02-24
    - Fixed: bombs which are exploding more times on slow networks.
      I had some little misstake in the inpkg_check function.
    - I am sending now only needed packages, moving packages will be
      only every second time maybe every third time. The user is able
      to choose how often the package should be send.
    - Finaly there is a playerstatistic in the end of the game.
      It will hold the points and who have won the game.
    - The game is not ending right there where the last player died.
      I put a timeout in the game of 5 seconds. So the last few bombs 
      will explode.
    - pkg_error: will be shown on the screen.
    - version controll: old bomberclone versions will be ignored and
      they get a error message back.
    10) 2003-02-21
    - Some work on the Network Protocoll, because there are
      still some problems with sending the Data
    Version 0.5
    9) 2003-02-14
    - In Multiplayergames, only the Server will let the
      Bombs explode. Manny tests have shown that this 
      is the best way to prevent some difficults in the
      game with the field, bomb and explosion data.
    - code optimized in working with struct _sockaddr
      because sockaddr_in6 is larger as sockaddr which is
      usualy used for all/the most type of network 
    5-8) 2003-02-13
    - i made some experiments with sending bomb information
      and field information over the network.
    - created a inpkg_index to check for incoming packets
      which we have already got.
    4) 2003-02-12
    - bomb explosion will be send over the network
    3) 2003-02-12
    - Better Network Handling
      Check for important packages (pkg_field, pkg_bomb)
      and send them again. Created a resend_cache.
    - Windows: i put now WSAStartup and WASCleanup in the 
      network_init and network_shutdown function. Windows
      User should now able to join more times games without
      restarting the game.
    - MSVC: moved the function "explosion_check_field"
      in file bomb.c out of the function "do_explosion"
      and the function "check_field" in file player.c 
      out of the function "move_player".  The same i 
      have done with "draw_netupdatestate" and 
      "wait_draw_select". Because MSVC had some 
      problems with function in function declaration.
    Version 0.4
    2) 2003-02-11:
    - if the server don't reply after a while we will
      get back in the join menu.
    1) 2003-02-10:
    - mouse cursor is not anymore on the windows/screen.
    - Fixed: Bomb Under Player Bug
    - Build Number is now included.
      It will show up in the Main Menu.
    - Save every sockaddr in the in_pl struct so we don't have to look up 
      them again and again
    - Making changes in the Data Download Sequence.
    - Chaning the Network Protocol from TCP to UDP. And putting 
      everything inside what is needed for a basic work.
    - Linux supports IPv6 and IPv4, you can choose it in the settings
    - I have got the first animated player for the game. 
      I hope the next will follow soon.
    Version 0.3
    - First Try to Compile everything on Windows and Linux.
    - Network doesn't work fine with more as two Players and a Windows Client
      It works only with more as two players on Linux Systems.
    Version 0.2
    - Added functions for animations.
    - Network Support does now work somehow on Linux
    Version 0.1
    - You can finally move your player 
      the bombs are exploding.
    - Basic Graphics, just some experiments within the game

    The People Behind The Game

    The people listed here all helped making BomberClone what it is now.
    The names appear in no particular order.
    Steffen (founder, coding)
    Patty (first/old website, coding)
    DJ Mirage (all hand person)
    kitutou (coding/fixing)
    thaphool (supporter)
    ob1kenewb (coding/fixing)
    teKkraT (website, gfx)
    For more information about who has done what refer to the ChangeLog.